Phase Change Materials

Optoelectronics of Phase-Change Materials

We create memory devices of phase-change materials (PCM) that can inherently work both in electrical and optical domains, without the need for electrical-to-optical conversion. We overcome the previously-insurmountable size and diffraction limitations by introducing plasmonic platforms. 

Reflective Displays and Smart Glazing

Concerned about the global energy shortage problem, our group engages in environmentally-friendly solutions by offering alternatives based on phase-change materials (PCMs). Reflective displays made of PCMs enable vivid colour display without constant power supply, friendly to both eyes and environment unlike LCD and LED/OLED technologies (watch Harish's TEDx talk here). We are also putting our efforts into developing smart windows utilizing PCM thin-films to maintain the indoor temperature of industrial and residential buildings, helping with the energy bills.

Holographic Displays

Holography is simply the spatial phasing of light by means of diffraction & interference, in order to create a three-dimensional (3D) light field. To this end, our group has made a substantial improvement by developing an algorithm for reconstructing the images from the recorded light field. One of our experimental results can be seen below, with the captured "binary image" and the corresponding reconstructed "real image".

hologram binary oxford

Binary Image

hologram real oxford

Real Image